I am a storyteller.  You may encounter my stories when I use them to tell about lightning and meteorites while teaching glass classes in Portland, Oregon.  Or when I blog pictures and my theories and opinions regarding lichen on Tumblr. 

The stories I write for children begin with an idea or experience someone shares with me.  That spark may be a pie contest, a shipwreck or a kid sticking his finger in a pig's nose.

Following a Bachelors' degree in political science, I worked in the legal field until I had kids.  While they were young, I learned to fuse glass with my sister-in-law.  Tiny kids and glass: what a great combination.  As they grew I began sharing glass with their classrooms, then other classrooms until it filled my life.  Now that my nest often has empty space, I fill it with stories I hope will entertain, inform and amuse young readers.  

Contact me by email lisawilcke@gmail.com